Dementia Care Education


As a PAC® Certified IndependentTrainer I offer communication and care-training workshops based on and/or created by world-renowned dementia expert Teepa Snow. The workshops are designed to improve awareness, increase knowledge, and share practical hand skills to increase communication with people who live with dementia. Audiences have included family members, people living with dementia, professional caregivers, realtors, front desk receptionists, and emergency medical professionals. If requested, CE’s are available for nurses and Social Workers in New Mexico.

2019-2020 Training workshops:

  • Normal Aging Vs. Not-Normal Aging
  • You Have the Diagnosis—Now What?
  • Using All Five Senses in Dementia Partnering
  • Ten Unmet Needs in Dementia 
  • What’s Lost—and What’s Left?
  • De-Coding Distress
  • Q and A What’s On Your Mind?
  • Dementia Progression Patterns
  • Surviving as a Dementia Care Partner
  • Learning to Communicate with Visual Handskills
  • Improving Emergency Medical Services for People Living With Dementia

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