While dementia means having to accept what’s lost, my job is to help you focus awareness on what’s left. By sharing what I know about dementia and dementia caregiving I help you explore new ways of understanding and connecting with your loved one so you can improve the quality of life for everyone involved.

My mother lived thirteen years with dementia and after her death I volunteered in various hospices across the country for twenty years helping dementia patients enjoy the last part of their lives. Four years ago I discovered a dementia expert and national advocate named Teepa Snow whose Positive Approach to Care Organization was teaching families and professionals the skills I had so badly needed thirty years before when my mother had been alive. In 2018, I quit my life as a graduate teacher and became a Certified Independent Positive Approach to Care (PAC®)Trainer and Consultant. In 2022, I also became certified as a PAC® Advanced Consultant in Dementia Care.

Training with Teepa Snow,
Fort Worth, TX, 2020



Beginning Tuesdays in January 2023 at 3 PM (Mountain Time) I’ll be facilitating 5 ninety-minute sessions on zoom for families to improve their understanding of what dementia is and how to understand and improve support for those who live with the disease. Using zoom will allow family members to connect with each other across the country, support each other’s unique skills and schedules and form a working support team for the person living with dementia.

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Note: I’m currently working with the memory care staff at Montecito Santa Fe utilizing awareness, knowledge and skills in the Positive Approach to Care

As a PAC® Certified Independent Trainer, I offer experiential workshops designed by world-renowned dementia expert Teepa Snow to help family care partners, people living with dementia, professional caregivers, and emergency medical service employees improve the skills they use to approach, connect and communicate with people living with brain change.

WORKSHOPS Given 2019-2022 :

  • What is Normal vs. NOT-Normal Aging?
  • Seeing Dementia From the Other Side
  • Understanding The Progression– the GEMS ®
  • Working with 5 Unmet Needs
  • When Dementia Stops By For The Holidays
  • Using the Senses to Understand and Communicate
  • Starting the Conversation
  • Practical Dementia specific Skills
  • Securing Your Person’s Environment
  • Six Pieces of The Puzzle– Problem Solving
  • Self-Care in Tough Times–
  • Deciding The Next Move
  • When It Is Time to Let Go



My goal as a PAC®Certified Independent Consultant is to help you figure out what you need to accomplish and how you want to accomplish it at the right time. We’ll start with an initial free 30-minute phone conversation to learn a bit about each other and if we decide we can work together, I’ll help you create a written assessment of where you are on the journey: what’s working well for you, what’s not working so well, and what skills you might need to learn next. When needed, I can help you and your loved ones through difficult transitions.


“There is no group Laura can’t reach. She knows how to teach to a large crowd and to smaller groups in hands-on workshops as well as in private one-on-one encounters. She is a master at organizing, presenting complicated ideas, and creating compelling Power Points.” TD, Santa Fe

“Laura was fearless, clear and helpful. She opened a lot of doors I couldn’t even see.” LC, Oregon

“There is no group Laura can’t reach. She knows how to teach to a large crowd and to smaller groups in hands-on workshops as well as in private one-on-one encounters. ” FR, Oregon

“I felt heard, emotionally held and wisely advised.” SD, New Mexico

With my mother, 1996

Visiting with my mother in 1994


  • Through the month of December, I’m training the staff at Montecito Santa Fe‘s memory care center in Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care®
  • I trained administrators at the Santa Fe County Senior Community Services in March 4, 2022
  • I trained Santa Fe Emergency Medical Team, Santa Fe Police and Santa Fe Firemen as part of the Alternative Rescue Unit of Santa Fe in October, 2022
  • I spoke to volunteer caregivers about dementia care at Coming Home
  • I spoke to Los Alamos Lab employees as part of their Well-Being Expo in September 2022
  • I spoke about my personal journey with dementia care at The Celebration in Santa Fe, on March, 2022 and also spoke with them about dementia awareness in June of 2022
  • Thanks to  Santa Fe Doorways, I presented a lecture/discussion/Q and A session in Feb., 2022 on dementia awareness and another on dementia communication in July, 2022.
  • I began an ongoing support group for dementia couples through The Alzheimer’s Association.
  • I have facilitated The Gloaming a support group for caregivers with Dr. Kitty Fallon on zoom all year.
  • I spoke about dementia and the holidays for the Memory Care Alliance in November, 2022
  • I re-certified as an Independent Trainer and Consultant in October and September with the Positive Approach to Care® organization
  • I certified as an Independent Advanced Trainer in October 2022.
  • I presented a talk on the effects of dementia on the five senses at the Rocky Mountain Alzheimer’s Association Conference on Dementia in March2022.
  • I presented with my co-facilitator Paula Levy to a Colorado financial institution on zoom
  • With my friend and co-facilitator Paula Levy, I led and supported 5 successful Never Alone Care Partner Support Series by zoom.

For Laura’s story of how she acquired her dementia awareness and knowledge, why she loves working with people living with dementia, and her credentials as a Certified Independent Positive Approach to Care trainer and consultant, go here.

–With thanks for this recording to THE CELEBRATION of Santa Fe,NM

To see an interview with Laura about her work in dementia care, go here.



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READING COLORADO: A Literary Road Guide. Due out in April 2023 with a selection from my book, Stygo

REMEMBER ME, a novel published by Henry Holt in 1998 and by Picador and Piatkus in 2000, is based on my attempts to understand and accept the challenges of my mother’s dementia. Although it was written years before I took formal training in dementia care, it was a Barnes & Nobel Discover New Writers selection and a critically acclaimed finalist for the Dublin Award and the Mountains and Plains Bookseller’s Award.

STYGO won the 1994 Colorado Book Award for best design, the American Academy of Arts and Letters Rosenthal Foundation Award for First Fiction, the Mountains and Plains Regional Bookseller’s Award, and was a finalist for the Pen/Hemingway Award.

STYGO is a collection of interlocked stories about people trapped in a dying company town in Colorado. Initially published by MacMurray and Beck in 1994, it was re-issued by Simon and Schuster in 1996, and by McAdams/Cage in 2000.


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